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  2/02/07 - Latest Card List update

2007 Topps Sheldon Williams Jersey Retirement Commemorative Welcome to the Duke Basketball Player Card List. It has been a very long time since I've updated the list, but watching our young Devils grow up and the jerseys of Sheldon Williams and J. J. Redick hit the rafters of Cameron has inspired me to get caught up. My want list is not up to date - I'll get to that shortly.

2006 Future Star NNO To access the card database, use the dropdown lists on the left to select the player, year, card manufacturer, or any combination of the above to generate a list of cards. The table below shows the latest card sets added to the site. My list is by no means complete, and I appreciate any input that you can offer for updates at dukecard@bellsouth.net. If you have a card of a Duke player and you don't see it here, assume I don't know about it! .

Cards Available for Trading

I'm often asked if I have any cards available of a certain player for trading or for sale. In the past, I've been pretty bad getting back to people with a list of what I have available, so to all of you that I still owe an answer, please accept my apologies. I have now added my doubles to the Card List, so you can see for yourself if I have any cards that you would like. Simply use the the Trade button for the List Type, and you'll see a list of my doubles. By using my Trade list and Want list options, you can put together a trade you think is fair and send me a note on it.

What's New in the Card Lists

2/02/07 - 06-07 Bowman
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06-07 Bowman Elevation
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06-07 SP Game Used
06-07 Topps
06-07 Topps Big Game
06-07 Topps Full Court
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06-07 Ultra
06-07 Upper Deck
06-07 Upper Deck Hardcourt
06-07 Upper Deck Ovation
06-07 Upper Deck Reflections
06-07 Upper Deck Rookie Debut
06-07 Upper Deck Sweet Shot
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